The Blood We Bleed letra

Tom Odell

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The Blood We Bleed lyrics

I walk back home
You're all alone
The ivy's grown
It's Christmas eve

I brought some wine
It tastes like shite
But it provides
The spark we need

Come on, let's fight
Don't be polite
You know the knife
That cuts me deep

You treat me tough
We call it love
But it's your blood
I'm gonna bleed


I draw a crowd
I sing so loud
To make you proud
But you don't see

I show my flaws
The crowd applauds
But I'm not sure
It's meant for me

I have become
My father's son
You always wanted
Me to be

I treat you tough
We call it love
But it's my blood
You're gonna bleed


Now I'm all grown up
And I'm all tough
Is it your love that I still need?
'Causе it's your blood
It's your blood
It's your blood
That I still bleed

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The Blood We Bleed est une chanson interprétée par Tom Odell