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Laura Marling

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Fortune lyrics

You took out that money that your momma had saved
She told me she kept it for running away
Oh my, fortunes can change

You've picked up some tricks that you learnt on your way
For fear you'd be lonely if you never change
Oh my, you lost your faith

We landed on rocks and that's partly to blame
We wandered the landscape in this unbearable pain
Oh my, your fortune can change

At least we agree that we've wasted our time
We'll give up the hope that we'll meet down the line
Better off measured in coffee and wine

I think on it fondly now the truth can be told
Some love is ancient and it lives on in your soul
A fortune that never grows old

You spent all that money that your momma had saved
Told me she kept it for running away
Never quite found the right way to say
"I'm sorry, my darling, my mind, it has been changed
Release me from this unbearable pain"

And so ends a story I had hoped to change
I had to release us from this unbearable pain
And promise we won't come here again

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Fortune est une chanson interprétée par Laura Marling