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Car Crash lyrics

I got myself together
I got myself in check
I made myself a member
Got myself out the red
I upgraded my upgrade
Give us our daily bread
I got paid on payday
Now I dress well-fed
I clearly won the friendly
Left my opponent dead
I got the keys to the Lambo
I took a walk instead
I am the prophecy
I did not come from nothing
And nothing came from me

I took your name in vain
I burnt your effigy
I chewed up your story
Some tush between my teeth
The fear's gargantuan
Don't like what I can see
Racist prick on the right side
No one to trust on the left
So I put my foot on overdrive
Close my eyes and press
Definitely I'll have a dab man
You know I am a dab hand
Super strength superman
I'll have a stab and can-can
Don't forget I'm a champ man
Pound for pound, gram for gram
I'll smash that double-barrel Mitsubishi
Back to Amsterdam
Crash bang wallop on the afghan
Then I rise like a phoenix from the dashcam

I'm a car crash

I got myself together
I got myself in check
You caught me on my knees
Knees are raw red
You caught me on all fours
Smooching the floor
No metaphor
My thoughts are piss poor
My glass-jaw held open the door
Chin to tarmac
I'm serious Jack
As a heart attack
No life, no help, nobody
Was where I'm at
Smash swing glisten
As everything turns black
My feet leave the ground
As my wings start to flap
Cold goes to warm
As my top gets blood damp
My oh my I can feel the raw
Flesh on the bottom of the footwell floor
Flash Flash
Everything is turning to black ash

I'm a car crash

I can feel my eyes vibrate
I can feel my eyes vibrate
I can feel my eyes vibrate
I can feel my eyes vibrate

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