Pasadena letra

Dustin Lynch

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Pasadena lyrics

She had a flower in her hair
Said she wasn't from 'round here
I said "me neither, girl"
Ain't that a daisy

Fancy meeting you like this
Girl, I don't believe this is
Only blind coincidence
I'm thinkin' maybe we should stay a while

See where it leads us
I think we got something cool between us
We've got two more nights before leaving pasadena
Rhinestone shining on her hips

Cotton candy on her lips
That was the sweetest kiss
I'd ever tasted
Friday night rodeo

Cut short by a lightning show
Even though that rain was freezing
Fеlt good to be in
So we stayed a whilе

See where'd it lead us
We had something cool between us
We had one more night before
Leaving pasadena

We took it slow
'til we could find out where it was going
We found just what we were needin'
Right there in pasadena

Sunday morning bout a quarter past nine
She had to go her way
And I had to go mine
And I go back there all the time in my mind

In my mind
I'm still in pasadena
I still smell the freedom in the air
Right there in pasadena

I still see that lightning striking back
In pasadena
Feel her hands all over me, all over me
In pasadena

Wonder if she ever thinks about me
Me and pasadena

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Pasadena est une chanson interprétée par Dustin Lynch